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PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

PUBG Mobile has owned mobile gaming since it’s release on 19th March 2018. There have been 50 million downloads in the ‘Play Store’ alone. The game took over almost overnight, thanks to it’s famous endeavor on PC. Everyone is in a race to reach the next rank, the top being Conqueror. However, the road to conqueror is next to impossible. Ace alone is very difficult.The ranking system is divided into tiers. Below is a list of tiers for your better understanding:

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

And to make things even more interesting, each tier is subdivided into 5 subtiers; for example, Bronze I, Bronze II, Bronze V, Crown V and so on.Your rating depends entirely on the stats of your classic mode matches.

However, if you don’t understand how you can increase these stats, so as to rank up faster, read on. In this article, we will discuss some of the most efficient tips and tricks to easily rank up in PUBG Mobile.

Tip #1 Find the perfect layout!

PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks

Each gamer has a set layout which helps them be most efficient according to their playing style. For example, this is my layout, it’s the default one, but I find it to be perfect. Although your choice is entirely up to you. So keep experimenting with different layouts, find the one that fits. This will help you to be faster and more accurate than other players, hence ranking you up.

Tip #2 Callouts and Map Details

Having complete knowledge of the map is a crucial part to take the chicken dinner home. The Sanhok map update has arrived as well! Have a look at all three here!

Drifting back to the topic, the map knowledge will go a long way in helping you rank up faster. If you have played PUBG Mobile as much as I have, you’ll know that some places like School, Novorepnoye, Geargopol in the Erangel Map and Hacienda del Patron, Pecado in Miramar, although heavily filled with all kinds of loot, get overflown by players.

It is very difficult to survive among so many players at one place, however good you are at the game. Yes it is very much possible that you’ll get excellent loot and a ton of kills, assuming you have a lucky day, but personally, I don’t need the feel to take that low of a chance.

Here’s a basic survival guide for both maps. PUBG Mobile currently features there maps –


PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

The most intensive areas in this map are Pochinki, School, Prison, Military Base, Novorepnoye, Yasnaya Polyana, Mylta, Mylta Power, and Georgopol. Aim to land in the less mainstream areas like Gatka, Primorsk, Severny, Zharki, Kameshki, Mansion, and others. A good strategy is also to land in those intensive areas mentioned above but observe where most players go and avoid that area. For example, if you’re landing in Georgopol, aim for the aparments present at the North-East side of that area.


PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

Same as before, intensive areas like Los Leones, El Pozo, Prison, Pecado, Hacienda del Patron, and some others should be avoided. Instead choose areas like Minas Generales, Junkyard, Impala etc. which will give you a way better chance at survival.

See, if you have a low number of kills and you die before the top 10, you will get a bad rating; if you have a high number of kills and you die before top 10, you will get mediocre rating; if you have low number of kills and you survive till the very end, your rating will still be high, helping you to rank up faster. My point being, survival is the key to ranking up.


PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

Tip #3 Communication and Gear

All online gamers know how important interaction between teammates is. Imagine you are knocked out but you know the enemies’ position or number, but your teammates can’t hear you properly just because of a bad audio device. Wouldn’t that suck? Not just talking, but listening to enemy footsteps give you a sense of the enemies’ location.

If you want to be at the top at PUBG Mobile ranking, I highly recommend buying good headphones/earphones. Personally, I’d go with headphones like HyperX Cloud II or HyperX Cloud Alpha, just because I’ll be able to use them in other games too, and for the fact that they also come with detachable microphone. This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks!

Hyper X Headphones

Source: IGN

Buy It On Amazon

However, you can go for cheaper headphones, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

I am not recommending earphones basically because they are not made for the extensive gaming you need to do in order to rank up. Sometimes, the mic causes issues, it has happened to me. But if you have earphones already or are reluctant to buy earphones, it’s not a bad option. Earphones will work just fine most of the time. They don’t give out the ‘Gamer Vibe’ though.

Now, coming to controllers, some of you definitely find the game to be too hectic for the small mobile screen. You can mess up controls under stress, and believe me, towards the end my hearts races to 150 BPM. To avoid that, you can use a controller which is compatible with your mobile phone. The Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2 is sure to do the job for you. It has very precise controls, sturdy and secure clamps to hold your phone in place, and a 12 hour long battery life. Everything you need, to be very honest.

Amkette Evo Gamepad Pro 2


Buy It On Amazon

The controller will make you more accurate (with practice) and it will definitely be more comfortable than holding a phone.

In case you feel that a controller is not suitable for you, you can even go for triggers that are exclusively made for PUBG Mobile. The Leoie Gaming Trigger Controller is the perfect choice for you. The triggers fit on the phone, like in the image below, and upon pressing, provide a faster and more accurate option.

Trigger Controllers

These gears are not necessary but recommended. It is up to you how easy you want to make it for yourself. The gears will only make it easier for you to rank up, without them, you will have to put in more work.

Buy It On Amazon

Tip #4 Your Device

Again this entirely based on your preference, you can run this game on a Redmi Note 5 pro decently, or you can play it on flagship phones like Oneplus 6 or iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 9, in extreme graphics and high fps setting. It depends on how well you want your game to run and how unique of an experience you want.

However, there are phones out there that barely run the game. The game gets choppy, graphics are bad, making it hard to see the enemy, and the device overheats and throttles. Please refrain from playing PUBG on such phones, you’ll eventually get irritated and while leave the game.

Tip #5 Team

This is only if you don’t play in the solo mode, if you do, this part won’t do you any good.

However, if you prefer squad or duo modes, this part will be crucial for your success. One of the most important thing in a team based multiplayer game, is the skills of your teammates. Basically every time should have- a sniper which is also a scouter, two assaulter and a healer. Not only this, they should be good at their job.

A sniper with bad aim is useless, an assaulter with no game sense is useless. So find a squad/partner which helps you grow, personally and as a team. The healer should stock up on first aids, med kits, bandages, energy drinks, painkillers and syringes. The sniper should find the best sniper suited to him (we will get to this later) and enough ammo, and just in case of close quarter combat, an smg, grenades and molotovs.

The assaulter should search for an assault rifle or an LMG, and maybe an automatic sniper rifle like Mini14/SKS/SLR Rifle. Proper coordination is the main ingredient of a good team. You should have strategies, plays and a sense of callouts. This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks!

Tip #6 Know Your Guns

Your gun is your best friend in PUBG Mobile. Your gun will get you kills, get you out of dangerous situations and protect you against enemies. Let’s do this as objectively and comprehensively as possible. I’ll begin by giving my thoughts on every weapon, followed by specifically how to amplify the capability of every weapon and in along with it, my personal advice on it.

Melee Weapons:

Only the Frying Pan is good enough to be mentioned at all, and just because it deflects bullets. The Sickle, Machete and Crowbar have almost no noticeable difference when it comes to speed or damage. You’ll probably only use this to have some fun, or maybe an early-on fight.


In one of the latest updates, guns got a great boost in damage, making them much more feasible, but still very unlikely. Of these, the R1895 and R45 pistols are important for having the highest damage of all, costing the enemy 55 HP Points with each bullet. They can be found on Erangel and Miramar respectively. Though I prefer the R45, mainly due to the fact that .45 ACP ammo is easier to find than 7.62mm, and also that the reload time is far superior which helps out a lot.

The P18C and P92 are the 9mm ammo, which is found at most places and have lower recoil and higher speed than the P1911, which in turn uses .45ACP ammo. As far as base damage, the P1911 sports a not so bad 41 damage, very advantageous when compared with the P92’s 35 damage and the P18C’s 23 damage. Although the P18C is the only pistol with burst fire, combine that with an extended magazine, the enemy gets destroyed.

Attach a Mira Red Dot Sight to make aiming much easier in pistols. Similarly, a large number of these weapons will become much more helpful in stealth with a Suppressor, lowering the loud noise the pistol would make. A Magazine Attachment will help you not run out of bullets quickly.

I almost never felt the need to use any pistol, except maybe if I just landed and can’t find any weapon. For early game battles, you’ll likely rely upon:


Between the pump-action S1897, the double-barreled S686, the Sawed-off and the automatic S12K, many support the S686 for its speedy reloads and high burst damage. There is barely any difference in base damage of any of the shotguns. If you can use them properly, they cause pure destruction in Close Quarters Combat (CQC). The only two drawbacks of the shotgun is it’s short range and in case you miss your shot. A smart enemy while utilize the reload time to annihilate you.

To make them more viable, attach a shotgun choke to reduce the pellet spread. Since the S12K can’t have a choke, you should rather find a magazine attachment (quickdraw or extended), so as to strengthen it’s best quality, to fire many shots before reloading.

Personally, I’m not a fan of shotguns. Players who have a talent for quick reflexes and flicks will have an edge over others. Currently, players don’t have a thing for shotguns and ditch them the first chance they get for:

Sub-Machine Guns (SMGs):

Many SMGs received an increase in damage recently, and many players use it at most stages of a match. Let’s begin with the 9mm set, the Micro-Uzi and the UMP9. While all weapons in this category are equipped for CQC, the Micro-Uzi completely exceeds expectations at this, fit for obliterating anyone who isn’t wearing Level 3 Gear. It’s only drawback being, sub par iron sight which cannot be changed and a relatively small magazine size which exhausts very quickly. Similarly the recoil is too high on this weapon, making it hard to hit anything that isn’t in your immediate closeness. Attach an Extended Magazine and additionally the Stock (Uzi) attachment to cover these drawbacks and make the Uzi the beast it was meant to be.

The UMP9 gives fierce competition in this category, with damage almost as high as that of the Tommy Gun and the fact that it allows many attachments to be done and increase it’s precision even at long distances. This fabulous weapon sees use in all stages of the game and experiences almost no drawbacks at all. This is one of the most viable weapons in the game.

Speaking of which, we should take a look at both Tommy Gun and the Vector. While the Tommy Gun offers the most damage (40) in this category of weapons, it has it’s issues. Terrible iron sights, no attachments supported to improve it. This makes it almost useless at medium to long range battles. It supports only two attachments: A Magazine Attachment, and a Vertical Foregrip. In any case, it is a decent firearm for CQC, and worth keeping around until the point that you discover something better.

The Vector, then again, offers solid rivalry for the previously mentioned UMP9. It has decreased damage and its ammo is as regular as its 9mm partner. Nevertheless, it experiences a poor magazine limit and not so good iron sights. Throw in an extended magazine and a good scope, it becomes a weapon very useful in the late part of the matches. This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks!

I mostly replace an SMG with an:

Attack Rifle (AR):

Despite all attempts by Tencent, this category has remained to be a go-to weapon of most PUBG players all over the world.

Assault Rifles are loaded for two kinds of ammo, 5.56mm and 7.62mm. 5.56mm ammo is lighter, helps you to convey a greater amount of it, it is much weaker than 7.62mm. The latter gives higher damage and accuracy over long distances, at the cost of more prominent force. In any case, weapons in this category specialize in dealing high damage at any range.

The M16A4, M416, SCAR-L and AUG, all are fueled by 5.56mm ammo. These weapons are unique and amazing, with the M4 and SCAR supporting heavy attachments. The SCAR and AUG are slightly less chosen for having huge recoil. Put in a vertical foregrip or an angled forclip, to put a check on the recoil. The AUG is only available via Air Drops, so either get one from looting a drop or loot someone who has the gun.

Of these weapons, most gamers support the M4 due to it’s great support for attachments and slight to no recoil. Attaching a Scope of choice and Magazine Attachment significantly increases all aspects of this weapon.

The AKM and Groza utilize the 7.62mm ammo, dealing huge damage in a matter of seconds. This advantage balances out the fact that it‘s lack of support of attachments. These weapons can be used very well in the same way as the M4 in the paragraph above. However, the Groza is exceptionally tough to use, due to the very high recoil it has. It can only be ranged at short range efficiently, maybe in mid range too.

Personally, I always carry one of these with me because of the incredible versatility they offer. While they are conventional at long range combat, they unquestionably can’t beat:

Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles (DMRs)

These weapons are best used to handle enemies at long range, can be said to be opposites of SMGs. Of these, only the Mini14 makes use of 5.56 mm. Mini 14 and VSS might increase in damage soon. Despite being different from each other, weapons in this category work almost identically, so I’ll bring up anything important.

All bolt-action Sniper Rifles, for example, the AWM, M24 and Kar98k are great in their own particular right, and will effortlessly bring down a player with a couple of shot. Especially, the AWM will one-shot any player with a headshot paying be it any Helmet Level he is wearing. A Suppressor and 6x/4x Scope (or more) are most suitable for these weapons.

The DMRs, for example, the Mini14, VSS, SKS, SLR and Mk14 lowers the raw power in return for larger magazine limit, faster reloads, a high fire rate and a huge number of attachments. The SLR is a very latest addition to the game and it packs a punch, while the VSS loads the 9mm bullet and can be used as a long-ranged SMG. The Mk14 can only be found in the Air Drop ,although it could prove to be the efficient and powerful for pro gamers.

The Crossbow sees little use because of the great amount of skill required to wield it. Having said that, it is one of the most damaging weapons in the game and is the main extended weapon to be totally stealthy.

The Winchester, quite damaging, has very low rate of fire and horrendous iron sights. Maily, this weapon is a Miramar exclusive and will probably never be used.

I frequently use one of these weapons since I love to take part in long-distanced battle. Many experts have seen brilliant use of weapons in this category. In case you’re hoping to stay away in a firefight, this category of weapons is what you need. However, would you be able to join raw power with a unreal fire rate? This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks!

Light Machine Guns (LMGs)

So you need the fire rate of a SMG with the intensity of an AR? Look no more farther than these two LMGs- The DP28 and the M249. Both of these weapons sacrifice precision and reload time for high fire rates and huge clip sizes. The M249 must be found in Air Drops only. A Red Dot/Holographic Sight is adviced for these weapons.

Tip #6 Develop Game Sense

Okay, you have the best gear, you have the perfect guns for your playing style, you have an excellent squad, but do you know these little crucial things that players miss out on. Keep reading, I guarantee that you will benefit from this.

1. Always keep an eye on the map, maybe you didn’t hear a footstep but it appeared on the map, now you will know if an enemy is nearby.

2. Never underestimate the circle. The circle is your worst enemy. Always calculate your distance from the circle, time left for blue zone to start and you are good to go. At first the damage is very low from the circle, but after the third circle, definitely refrain from being caught up in the blue zone unless absolutely necessary.

3. In the later part of the game, try to stay at the edge of the circle and slowly move toward the center of the circle. Any enemy you will encounter is highly likely to be unprepared for you since they will believe that no one would come from the direction they just came from. Being on the edge of the circle is a great survival tactic but again, read the second point before trying it.

4. In almost all apartment buildings, in case you are on some floor, and the enemy is on one of the floors below you, use the tactic I use to fool the enemy. Firstly, make some noise so that the enemy becomes aware of your position and tries to close in on you. Next, go to one of the side windows of the floor you are on. Jump out of the window but immediately flick the movement cursor towards the building. You will fall on the window of the floor below you. Since the enemy won’t expect you on the same floor, go bananas with your guns.

5. Running low on bullets? Here is a tip to find extra bullets. These, in fact are the bullets that you missed out on and didn’t pick up, but there were always in front of you. The bullets in the gun. For example, say you have a SCAR-L and you see another SCAR-L on the ground, with ammo all around it. Pick up the ammo, but also equip the gun on the ground. It will have one additional magazine already loaded which you can take by simply equipping it.

6. Learn how to use grenades, smokes and stun grenades. This will go on to help you out of difficult situations. “ A grenade a day, keeps the enemy at bay”, or something like that. These throwables are extremely useful to kill/blind a hidden or downed enemy.

This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks!

Tip #7 Air Drops

I feel that this is very much needed to be known by all the players playing the game. Air Drops parachute down at random locations after a certain interval of time, and they bring with them exclusive goodies. The AWM, M249, Mk14, AUG, Groza, each Air Drop has a different weapon. Not only weapons, it also brings with it Level 3 equipment, ammo for the gun, and the best scope ( 4x for ARs, 8x for Sniper Rifles). But the most exciting of them all is the Ghillie Suit.

PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks

Source: Steam

The Ghillie Suit makes you very hard to be seen by anyone. You can just prone on the grass and do stealth attacks on unaware enemies. This is one of the most important PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks!

I know this all sounds fantastic, but don’t be enticed by the Air Drop. Think of it as a bulb inviting moths to it. Everyone wants what’s in the drop, so obviously, it’s going to be tough to get it for you. If it is early on in the game, go for it, get the drop, go in quick, take it all, and get out of the area asap. I recommend having a vehicle before you do this. In case players are already there, you can either ram them or get out of there quick and safe.

Although if a drop falls in the late part of the game, it is my very humble request, let it go. By now, Snipers would have their sights on the drop, maybe even some players would be brave enough to approach it. It is a suicide mission, with negligible gain since the game is about to end.

However, if the crate falls in the water at an early part of the game, grab a boat or jet ski, and as you are next to it, dive under the crate, so that even if people are aiming at you, it wouldn’t do you any damage. Loot it, and zig-zag boat out of there.

Hope you liked our guide to PUBG Mobile Tips And Tricks! Let us know your reactions down below and share your thoughts in the comments!

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