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Battlefield 5 is basically a nostalgic trip to the origin of the series, but this time, it’s from a different perspective, and unbelievable graphics, thanks to GeForce RTX 20 Series. The story dates back to World War II, and from what we saw in the May reveal livestream and EA’s reveal at E3, we were surprised with how much game content was revealed, plus the confirmation of the rumoured Battle Royale mode, however, EA didn’t shed a lot of light on it. Here is all you need to know about the upcoming Battlefield game.

What is Battlefield 5?

 DICE developed Battlefield 5, a first-person shooter, the story of World War II, along with the entire franchise of Battlefield. Players will be put in a mass firefights at land, sea and air during the Second World War, just like the rest of the games in the series.

With never before seen perspective of the war, mainly focusing on the European Forces, and several DLCs to come, it is guaranteed to be a unique experience, with the North African campaign, Battle of Rotterdam and occupation of Norway.

Mainly focusing on in-game storytelling, in both, stories of the war and multiplayer campaign, players will also have the chance to make their own unique squads of soldiers  and take up a number of online missions in multiplayer and co-op.

How Can I Play Battlefield 5?

 The game will launch on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for all, on November 20th. Players who have pre-ordered or have Origin/EA Access will be able to have a free early trial on November 9. The developer is also planning an open beta on an unspecified date.


What’s New in Battlefield 5?

 While still keeping in mind the original gameplay, Battlefield 5 packs a new and exciting punch of features and modes, like squad customization. The class system makes a return to the game, which means players can also select a class and their outfits, including sex and weapon of their choice. Character customization is indeed an exciting feature of Battlefield 5.

 Coming to gameplay, the developers have assured us a more realistic gameplay than any of the Battlefield games.The developers focused on making it much more realistic, and making no compromise that comes with traditional Battlefield games. First off, the player and weapon design and physics have been updated to offer a more strategic and dynamic feel.

The soldiers have a much wider range of movements, including reverse-prone (on your back), sliding, shooting while at the same time sliding, and a few different moves – like holding on to walls and gates nearby. In addition, weapons have more weight behind them, enabling players to get even more a feeling of the power behind each shot.

War Stories:

This mode, originally from Battlefield 1, a number of story missions that portray many unsung and famous stories of bravery and heroism in the battles of World War II. The War Stories in V will concentrate more on fights and points of view that aren’t too well known. In the livestream and at EA Play, we saw a teaser for one of the War Stories set on the German assault of Norway in 1943.

You will play the role of a resistance fighter, confronting the invasion and more importantly protecting her loved ones. While the last game came out with just six War Story missions, Battlefield 5 will release with its exclusive missions related to the war, with additional stories coming in as DLCs. EA promises every Battlefield 5 the same experience, that means no additional money needed to invest on the game. 

Grand Operations:

With the improvements of the Operations mode, long-frame, story driven multiplayer matches set over a series of maps and gametypes, Grand Operations makes it more interesting by joining new gametypes and regions. Taking up more than a few in-game days, Grand Operations includes a tug-of-war style way to engage. With every win, your team will gain momentum, while the losing side will have to overcome very difficult obstacles- including less ammunition and tickets for the following round. Contrasted with Battlefield 1’s Operations, Battlefield 5 will have a larger variety of location, goals, and exclusive conditions for the two sides. 

Combined Arms:

In a all new four-player co-op mode, players can go online with their customized soldiers participate in a series of missions with different players. In these missions, the players should finish a wide range of goals, for example, paratrooping behind enemy lines secure assets. Placing players in fights against increasingly difficult situations with touch objectives, an AI mission director will include new goals and spawn enemy soldiers based on the performance of your squad.

Battle Royale Mode:

At EA Play, creative director Lars Gustavsson confirmed that Battlefield 5 will feature it’s on, much awaited, Battle Royale mode. Much like the popular trend set off by games like PUBG and Fortnite, DICE promises a unique royale experience, “reimagined for Battlefield” said the creative director. However, the developers held back a lot of information on the game type.

Although since it is a Battlefield game, it is not too far ahead to assume it to have a large scale and totally destructible environments.


To improve upon the Conquest mode in the previous games, DICE added a new Fortifications feature which accounts for the destruction of cover and buildings in the game. With the help of this feature, you can secure and reinforce areas from enemy assaults, by building defence mechanisms. This includes adding gunner nests and fortifying buildings that the enemy assault on. You will need resources to build such fortifications, so plan it out.

Tides of War:

Tides of War is a new game content to roll in soon by the developers.This mode will also present time sensitive missions dealing with specific battles with set conditions, exclusive prizes, and community events relating to the war.

In the future, Tides of War will bring in new perspectives to experience the war from, and even new maps and weapons to choose. What’s interesting is that the calendar is supposed to follow up the actual dates of events, with new perspectives and maps continuously being included into the game as it took place. If PUBG Mobile interests you, check it our latest article on PUBG Mobile Tips

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