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Overwatch Genji Guide

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Overwatch Genji Guide

Before You know about the Overwatch Genji Guide, let’s know something about Genji Himself. Overwatch Genji was never the cyborg we know him to be. Long before, many Gods were born, Overwatch Genji was with A Human Body, A Ninja who hailed from the Shimada Clan of Assassins who were quite famous for their illegal works. Though Genji, being a truly gifted Ninja, Overwatch Genji was a womanizer of sort. Genji never really was interested in His Father’s family business (Genji’s Father was the head of the clan at that time). Though after Genji’s Father died, his elder brother, Hanzo asked him to take his Father’s duties seriously.

Genji declined leading to a face-off amongst the brothers. Hanzo, his elder brother almost killed him. But Genji was luckily to survive as he was taken in by the Overwatch Team and rescued by Dr. Angela Ziegler- Mercy who transformed Genji’s body into a living machine, the cyborg Overwatch Genji now is due to Hanzo inflicting fatal injuries.

Now that Overwatch Genji’s soul mission is to take revenge from his criminal family. Eventually, Genji’s mind would succumb to the fact that he is a cyborg and would leave the team when he completes his mission.

If not for an Omnic Monk, Zenyatta, Overwatch Genji would have never truly become one with himself. Zenyatta became his mentor. The Genji now you see, is truly someone with a mechanical body and the soul of a human, being both- Human & a Machine of Mass-destruction. Truly magnificent, Overwatch Genji is one of the most difficult to master.

Hero Analysis:

Overwatch Genji Hero Guide

Genji is a warrior who lives up to his name & class, being a living weapon with some amazing skills at his disposal. Being a Ninja that too a Ninja with enhanced physical abilities is someone cool to play with. He can climb walls, and can jump twice longer than Overwatch’s fellow heroes which makes him really mobile & agile. No gun, Genji loves his sharp-edged toys and can do amazing thing with them.

A formidable opponent, his mastery with his sword is truly remarkable. When you play Overwatch Genji for the first time, you will be like “Damn, this guy is so effing cool”. Also, Genji has some incredible speed at using his weapons to dismantle his opponents and can reflect their skills too. Amazing isn’t it ?

Unlike his brother Hanzo, who is a defence character, Overwatch Genji Shimada is a formidable offense guy with quickness that can take an opponent by total surprise. Though a low hit-point base, he has got his abilities to juke incoming damage and projectiles. If played neatly, you can be a threat all the time to your opponents. Be advised, Genji may not be as easy as he seems to be.


Primary Weapon: Shuriken (Right-Mouse Button)

The Shuriken are the weapons of a true ninja, similarly Genji honours them too. Aim your cross –hair to unleash them in the direction intended. Though they are released with a bit of delay there are three shurikens shot in a row which makes it quite effective.

Secondary Weapon: Fan of Blades (Left-Mouse Button)

The Fan of Blades is nothing but three shurikens shot in a rapid succession at a target in the cone formation. Really effective against targets at a closer range as there is no accuracy in them. (They tend to go faster than the normal primary shuriken).

E Key: Deflect

Genji makes use of his Wakizashi (The sheath used to cover his sword) to deflect of incoming projectiles.
Deflect doesn’t work on any channelled weapons, including:

  • Symmetra’s Photon Projector beam
  • Winston’s Tesla Cannon
  • Zarya’s short range beam
  • Mei’s frost stream
  • Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets
  • Also melee attacks cannot be deflected but they will be blocked by deflect.
  • Deflect is very powerful against these enemy ultimates:
  • McCree’s Deadeye
  • Pharah’s Barrage
  • Reaper’s Deathblossom
  • Soldier 76’s Tactical Visor
  • Bastion’s Tank Form
  • Mei’s Blizzard

Shift Key: Swift Strike

Genji reaches for an opponent, unleashing his sword in strike, eliminating all or any opponents in his way. The cooldown for this skill resets when Genji get a kill in Swift Strike.

Ultimate Ability: – Dragonblade

After a casting animation of a second, Genji takes his Ryu-ichimonji out to slash and hack opponents for a considerable duration of 6 seconds. A fragile ultimate but if used in a right manner can deal a lot of damage.

Passive Ability: Cyber-Agility
This gives Overwatch Genji the ability to climb over walls and double jump while in the air. Ninja stuff, truly


I love this part about heroes, where they can combine their skills to execute an ordeal with such grace and a demand for perfection that you have to merely sit back and appreciate that which took place in front of your eyes. Genji does that to you. He has a few combos which I prefer personally

Close Ranger:

Make use of you Secondary weapon in this combo & quickly follow it up with a swift strike in such a manner that use cancel the animation of fan shuriken which executing so as to it looks like you have used them both at the same instance (Game Mechanics doesn’t allow two skills to be cast at the same time, there is always a deal but it isn’t really noticeable to the naked eye if you cancel animation of the skills used.)

This Combo is really effective for taking out someone at a really close range because the fan shuriken spreads out. Can also follow it up with a melee strike.
Combo: Fan of blades (Secondary Weapon) + Swift strike (Shift Key) + Melee Strike( If required)

Instant Poof:

Overwatch Genji can use his swift strike to reach near an enemy, follow it up with his (primary weapon) Shuriken and instantly use a melee strike to cancel out the animation of your shuriken to seem like everything is being done in an instant. Deals a lot of damage to opponents.
Combo: Swift Strike (Shift Key) + Shuriken (Primary Weapon) + Melee Strike


Genji Meme

  • Remember This, if Genji gets a kill in Swift Strike, his ability resets. Use this to your advantage. Prefer killing an enemy with low health first then going for a different target.
  • Genji has High Mobility in Swift Strike & Dragonblade. This also increase his movement speed by a little.
  • Climb walls by holding jump key and try performing stealth kills. This will give you an advantage over your opponents.
  • Though Overwatch Genji doesn’t have an amazing escape mechanism still his double jump will be enough to get out of tough spots with some back-up.
  • Trying killing lone rangers, spot out enemies who are alone and go for the combos and then hide it out and wait for your turn to strike again.
  • Use a Swift Strike, then a Dragonblade as it resets the cooldown of your Swift Strike. So try going behind the enemy lines or up on a high ledge by damaging opponents with your Swift Strike. Then, activate your dragon blade and come back in for a Round 2 with swift strike.
  • Genji can also use Deflect during your Dragonblade. Tend to activate it when using Dragonblade and double-jumping while the opponent is still out of range of your sword.

Genji Shimada, is truly a machine with a heart but that doesn’t mean he’ll spare you. If you are a target to him, Genji will see to it that his job is done; the job of killing you. For Him, Something Matters Much More; As For Every Ninja too.

“Even If I Sacrifice My Body, I Will Never Sacrifice My Honour.”

Good Luck Have Fun!