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How To Win in Overwatch Competitive Tips !

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Best Overwatch Competitive Tips !

Overwatch, like any other MOBA, gives you a choice to play online. Overwatch Players get to showcase their Overwatch Competitive Skills in a battleground. With 5 more teammates to help you out with; Overwatch gets you in a ‘Competitive’.
You must be wondering about ‘what is an Overwatch Competitive’ that I emphasized earlier above. Our Overwatch Competitive Tips guide will answer your questions and will also help Overwatch Competitive Players with getting a better rank.

What is Overwatch Competitive ?

The developers of Overwatch have an exclusive battlefield to test out your skill. A Competitive is just like any other multiplayer mode, but its specialty lies in being crafted for your unique experience.

Competitive Gaming is a newly introduced concept in the game for you to play. Featuring a battlefield with same rules as a normal game, it gives you a ranking to play with. The better you rank, the better players you get matched with.

Overwatch Players need a Career Profile of Level 25 to be able to enter this game mode. Players can only access this game mode in a ‘Competitive Season’, which lasts for a definitive period (roughly for a period of 3 months).
The rules for a Overtwach Competitive may differ a bit from the normal quick play game mode.

Overwatch Competitive Gameplay Mechanics:

  • Firstly, when you find a match in a competitive game mode, you are matched up versus players from anywhere on this global, entering the match making just like you.
  • Competitive play disallows you from having same heroes on a single team. Everyone needs to pick a different hero, for example: Only one Bastion or Roadhog on one team. Helps keep the variety.
  • For you to win a round, you need to gather points, which can be acquired by completing objectives or checkpoints. For each objective complete, you get a point.
  • You get to play a total of two rounds for a game to be decided in your favor. If you are on the attacking team in the first round get ready to defend in the next round & vice versa.
  • Once you enter a match, please don’t leave it under any circumstances. Leaving a match will result you in incurring a penalty.
  • Repeatedly quitting matches will cause you to be penalized which results in 75% experience less in matches (Earned after completing one) or may be a ban for a few times or even an entire season.
  • If someone on your team quits a match, you will be able to leave the match safely without incurring a penalty after a time of 60 seconds. Though, the match will be counted as a loss if all of your team leaves too.

Completing a Competitive match will give Overwatch Competitive Rewards and Currency. Players use currency to buy Game Skins and Accessories.

Overwatch Competitive Tips

Skill Allotment Mechanics In Overwatch Competitive:

Overwatch Players are to play a total of 10 matches. These match are carefully designed to place you in a bracket which Overwatch Rank Algorithm finds suitable for Overwatch Players.

Once players are allotted in a particular skill bracket or a rank, players will require to win games to increase their ranking further. After winning or losing matches you will be awarded with points. It goes for losing- It deducts points from your collection).
Your goal is to win enough games to be able to enter a different rank bracket. (Our Overwatch Competitive Guide will help you with how you can win maximum number of games)

Skill Tiers in Competitive Seasons:

Skill Tiers are a recently introduced concept in Competitive (Since season 2, currently in its 4th season). Skill ranks are given to you for you to be matched with players with a similar skill level for you to have a smooth gameplay.
The following list will give you an analysis of the rankings and allotted points to enter one.

Ranking Points Rewards
Bronze 1-1499 100
Silver 1500-1999 200
Gold 2000-2499 400
Platinum 2500-2999 800
Diamond 3000-3499 1200
Master 3500-3999 2000
Grandmaster 4000+ 3000

Note: If you fall in a bracket of above 3000, you’ll need to play at least seven games in a season to avoid your rank decay. The time before a reset of decay delay is of 24 hours. You can also choose to play a single match per day for seven days too.
And this season’s reward is a bit different. You need to be in the Top 500 at the end of the season to receive your gift (earlier it was just entering the top ranks and you would receive your gift)

Our Guide on Overwatch Competitive Tips and Tricks gets interesting from hereon,

Organisation Always Wins:

  • No matter what role you are playing, always be ready to face a threat.
  • Keeping your calm and composure, you aim on playing your hero better.
  • Don’t panic in any situation or leave your teams side. If you are alone you are vulnerable to enemy fire.
  • Call out your ultimate. Call out for support or to defend a point.
  • The more initiative you take, the better your teammates would listen to you.

Don’t worry even if Overwatch Players on your team aren’t doing good. You lead them, organize them and see the change in them.

Overwatch Competitive Tips

Communication Is The Key:

  • Always keep talking to your team. Let them know about your position. If you are under fire and need some support, feel free to call out for your teammates.
  • Similarly, let your teammates know if you spot an enemy somewhere and need help killing them.
  • Keep a healthy communication with your team.
  • Lead the ambush and organize your team through communication. Remember, a coordinated team is deadly to play against.
  • Make use of voice communication too.
  • Don’t be do directive, rather maintain humility and provide suggestions and be ready to accept a few too.

Versatility Is Essential:

Overwatch Players need to know a considerable pool of heroes to be able to play in a competitive. Though it is not an compulsion to do so. Though it is always better if you can play more than one hero.

Knowing a lot of heroes helps you in being able to read your opponents well and be able to switch your roles and be comfortable in each and everyone of them.

Even if you don’t know a particular role, pick one of these heroes. They are an easy bunch to handle around without the need of much practice.

Offense: Soldier 76 or Reaper

Defense: Mei or Junkrat
Tank: Reinhardt
Support: Lucio or Ana

Overwatch Competitive Tips

Get familiar with Overwatch:

  • Try memorizing all the choke points that are in a map. Choke points allow you to trap enemies into awkward positions where you can get an upper hand.
  • Get familiar with maps. Try practicing on a map which is used for a current overwatch season. Having knowledge about the particular map will improve your gameplay by a lot.
  • Also, you should try reading the metagame once it is released. It will help you know what to watch out for while playing and what are your current hero strengths and weakness. Helps you plan your strategy better.

Overwatch Competitive Tips:

  • Try picking up 2 supports in every game as they tend to be more useful in this metagame.
  • Feel free to change you roles if you feel there is a need for you to: If you feel there isn’t enough DPS on your team and if you are a Tank, call out the fact and switch to a carry role.
  • If you are playing as a tank, get ready to bait for enemies and protect your offense at all cost. You are the hero with the maximum number of hit points on your team.
  • Focus on your objective and try completing it as soon as possible. If you are not able to do so, fear not, take the match into extra time, which will grant your team another chance to fight.
  • Practice a lot, practice makes a man perfect. You should try playing more and more heroes or at least know one hero per role. This will help you increase your versatility.
  • Lead your team into battle if you are an offense. Keep calling out for shots. If you feel teammate is not doing well, motivate him to do better.
  • Prefer positioning to everything. Go for place on the map where an enemy cannot see you but you have a clear sight on them.
  • Always keep your composure and avoid flaming a TEAMMATE. The more you play, the better you’d understand how a player psychology is.

With this, I’ll be ending this guide. I hope I have provided you with enough tips to get yourself established. If you guys find that I have missed out on any thing, please feel free to let us know.

Keep Gaming !

“Have Fun”