Nintendo Switch Review

Nintendo Switch Review

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Nintendo Switch Review: Should You Buy It ?

The Nintendo Switch is the company’s new console in almost four and a half years! By the looks of it, The Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console which means that it is pretty much the entire thing. This console can be docked with your television or you can take it with you wherever you go. At home, The Nintendo Switch rests in the Nintendo Switch Dock that connects the console to the TV and lets users play with friends and family in the comfort of their living room
. Just by simply lifting The Nintendo Switch from its dock, the system will instantly switch to portable mode, and user can enjoy the same gaming experience wherever they go! The docking and undocking just takes seconds!

Nintendo Switch Specifications:

Nintendo Switch Specs

The Switch has a 6.2-inch LCD touchscreen (1280 x 720), providing a maximum resolution of 1080p 60 frames/second when plugged into a television. It has a decent 32 GB Storage alongwith in-built Stereo Speakers, a USB Type-C Port on the tablet with the usual MircoSD Card Slot and Headphone Port as well. It is powered by a 4310 mAh Battery for the tablet that lets users enjoy a play time of upto 6 hours on one charge and also has 525 mAh Batteries in the Joy-Cons that have a play time of upto 20 hours. Even the OS is clean, quick and smartly laid out. Overall, this console is arguably the best quality thats ever come out from Nintendo and is surely destined to give you an amazing gaming experience!

Nintendo Switch Tablet:

Nintendo Switch Screen Zelda

The Switch features a quick, easy to use Operating System. It allows creating a user on the system, including features like creating a name and selecting an icon. The Tablet features amazingly simple themes such basic white and basic black. Furthermore, the Switch lets users compete against friends or team up with them at home. Users can Play Online with other Nintendo Switch Users enabling linkups with upto 8 systems together to play anywhere. The Operating System allows App Downloads, Lets You Rent old Nintendo Games (coming soon) and much more.

Currently this amazing console features games like The Legend of Zelda, Shovel Knight and many more. What’s more exciting is that big titles like Mariokart Deluxe 8, Skyrim and Street Fighter are all due launch next mont- April, 2017! With new Apps and Games coming to this console in the very near future, its an exciting time to own one of these bad boys!

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons:

The Nintendo Switch features two cool-looking detachable parts called Joy-Cons.  This allows you to play the console in a number of different ways. Users can remove the Joy-Con controllers from the tablet and use them with the included grip or they can just go Han Solo style holding them in either hand. One of the problems users might face with these Joy-Cons are the fact that they’re small! Users with big hands might end up feeling a little cramped while they’re on the grip, hitting up buttons you don’t really mean to.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller:

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Thankfully, Nintendo has found a solution to it- The Pro Switch Controller. This controller needs to bought separately. It would rank up the bill a little, but its worth it! The Pro Switch Controller’s face buttons are big, much bigger than the Joy-Con buttons and have a great press too. Best part, they’re offset just like on the Xbox. It also comes with a real D-Pad, which is just a huge upside. The thumbsticks too feel excellent. The handles are just the right size providing a comfortable experience for extended gameplay sessions.

Other Features:

The Switch can also be used as a table top monitor by propping it on its kickstand. The kickstand is not the best support and the console might fall if you happen to bump onto the table or desk it is resting on. It is best to rest the kickstand on a flat, hard surface. But more importantly, this is going to make it difficult to play a game further than two feet away courtesy: it’s only a tablet. You can’t really read anything when you’re that far away from the screen.

The Nintendo Switch launched with its flagship game- The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild. Perhaps, this is the only reason the Switch is selling like hot cakes right now! But apart from this huge blockbuster, there aren’t any games that are going to make you want to buy it. Even so, Nintendo has promised upto 60 Indie Games by the end of the year and is also working with independent developers to bring in more games to the console.

The Final Call:

Even though, like me, the Pro Controller’s price makes you want to think again, You can’t deny that you absolutely get a high-quality gamepad that competes the default input devices on the other two consoles. If it’s anything like the Xbox 360 controller it so closely resembles, it’s likely to serve users decently for the duration of the Switch’s Life. The console looks very promising and is definitely going to turn heads wherever you take it. The Switch delivers alot on its hybrid pitch and holds alot of potential to play games like Super Mario Odyssey. To Buy The Nintendo Switch, Click Here





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