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How To Play Pudge: Dota 2 Pudge Guide 7.06

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Dota 2 Pudge Guide 7.06

The Butcher or simply, Pudge is an abomination feared by all. For simply he’s is inhuman, even according to other Dota 2 Heroes. Pudge is a bobbling piece of rotten meat can get nastier as time passes onto the battlefield. It isn’t difficult to notice the presence of Pudge around as he carries a foul smell which even he finds difficult to bear, a result of consuming meat of dead heroes (Yikes). So check out this Dota 2 Pudge Guide, I’m sure its going to help You ! Spamming Pudge is a great way to Raise Solo MMR.

Nevertheless, Dota 2 Pudge is acknowledged and feared by opponents as none want to die to his blades. Hiding in the trees, he spies on his pray, waiting patiently for his next move-‘The Grab Of Death’. Unleashing his foul smell to stop and opponent’s breath, Pudge then devours the prey, flesh by flesh, bone by bone.

Consumption of rotten meat has eventually gone to his brain which also seems rotten as of his habit of considering every Mate he meets as “MEATS”. Addition of every piece of flesh results him in being stronger, making his opponents tremble in fear at even the mere sight of him. Beware, he’s usually out for fishing now *winks*.

Hero Analysis:

A Stronger Ganker, Dota 2 Pudge can be played in many roles and positions in the game; to control opponent carries and restricting them from farming or constantly hunting supports. Support, Offlane or Mid-lane, Pudge is capable of owning any lane he steps into.

Strength being the base stat of this hero, Pudge a natural tank though really slow (His movement speed is given a boost through talents and items such as Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Boots of Travel 1 & 2).
Versatility, with almost any item being capable of use for this butcher, Pudge hooks his fishes from a considerable distance, unleashing his rot and dismembering their flesh, adding it to his own; resulting in his oversized looks.

Dota 2 Pudge Guide

A capable player can land hooks from anywhere, blind or with vision, once an opponent is caught, there is seemingly no escape from his clutches until the next respawn . Landing hooks with Dota 2 Pudge seems difficult at first but with practice it’s second to none.

After enough experience one would get a first-hand experience of fishing and predicting opponent’s next movement and landing a hook so good, you’d be flamed for using aim-bot. Haha !

Patch 7.06 sees Pudge as an amazing ganker, with a few add-ons to his previous might with some new ‘Talents’.
eventually, you’d fall in love with this hero though no one initially agrees with it.


Meat Hook: Launches a bloody hook toward a unit or location. The hook will snag the first unit it encounters, dragging the unit back to Pudge and dealing damage if it is an enemy.

Rot: A toxic cloud that deals intense damage and slows movement–harming not only enemy units but Pudge himself.

Flesh Heap:  This ability gives Pudge resistance to magic damage, as well as bonus strength that increases each time Pudge kills an enemy Hero or it dies in his vicinity. Flesh Heap is retroactive, meaning it can gain charges before it is skilled, which then become active.

Dismember: Pudge cuts down on an enemy unit, disabling it and dealing damage over time. Pudge gets healed for the same amount he damages. Lasts 3 seconds on Heroes, 6 seconds on creeps.

Talent Tree:

In this Dota 2 Pugde Guide, we cover the interesting talent tree. Dota 2 Pudge Talent Tree is one, I tell you, has some remarkable talents at his disposal. One word to describe them ‘IMBA

  • His Level 10 talent offers a lucrative choice of an Increase in Mana Regeneration or an Increase in Base Stat of Strength.
  • Level 15 talent gives a choice of Bonus Movement Speed or Bonus Armour (quite essential for Pudge as a Ganker).
  • At Level 20 Pudge’s talent tree gives out an interesting choice – Reduced Respawn Time or Increased Gold per Minute.
  • Level 25 talent offers an option – Increased ROT Damage or Increased Flesh Heap Stack Making Dota 2 Pudge IMBA!
Talent Tree
+120 Rot​Damage 25 +1.75 Flesh Heap​Stack Strength
+1s Dismember Duration 20 +150 Gold/Min
+15 Movement Speed 15 +5 Armor
+2 Mana Regen           10 +8 Strength 



Dota 2 Pudge can be played in different styles and skill builds. But here are the two most effective builds we’ve found to kill an opponent. Our Dota 2 Pudge Guide Lists Down Below, the ones we found BEST !

Dota 2 Pudge Guide

The Balls Of Steel Combo:

Yes, I made the name up, by that’s literally what it is. It is something which you’d think I’m out of my mind to be doing but this works! What you just need to do is if you find any Opponent Solo, Dive in with a Blink or Force Staff or come out of thin air(invisibility rune) and just dismember the opponent with ROT on.

Dota 2 Pudge Combo will give You enough time to latch your hook on to an opponent as Dismember is a ‘Channelling Spell’. An excellent way for beginner to Play Dota 2 Pudge with or against really mobile opponents. You can opt for this build by rushing a Boots of Speed + Blink Dagger/Force staff is really essential. Only go for this if you have enough Lockdown or Damage on Your Team.

The Classic Fishing Combo:

Here, you hide in trees, besides a cliff or anywhere out of an opponent’s sight and hook him towards yourself. As the opponent is being dragged towards you, select dismember and left-click on him. The moment the opponent is near pudge will start dismembering him. Remember to keep your ROT on while dismembering as in early stages dismember doesn’t have much damage and ROT is really powerful.

Building an Aether Lens is highly recommended for this style of Dota 2 Pudge play. Aether Lens increases the cast range of a Spell by +200 which is quite helpful. Try Roaming Around with a reliable stunner to help be more ballsy and upfront while hooking an opponent.

Dota 2 Pudge Guide


  • Ganking since the early game proves to be a blessing, as it helps one’s team to get more space.
  • Usually a Rune Control is preferred in the early stages of game as Pudge is a strength hero who requires a lot of Mana to execute his abilities.
  • As soon as one hits level 6, start roaming and let some else farm the lane; dismembering opponent helps in Pudge getting Flesh Heap Stacks as it is a retroactive ability (will still get stacks even if the ability isn’t skilled).
  • A Mobility Item (Blink dagger, Force staff, etc.) is a must for him as this hero has low base movement speed.
  • Also, building an Urn of shadows really helps in the early game as it can be used on an opponent to reduce his health all the time and to also heal Dota 2 Pudge Himself.
  • Try predicting an opponent’s movements and go for hooks, even blind ones sometimes
  • Building tank items for him is an absolute must. Items with high regenerative abilities (Heart of Tarrasque), Armour items (Shiva’s Guard, Crimson guard, Blade mail) and situational item of Magic Resistance (Pipe of Insight) are highly recommended.
  • Always keep ganking, creating space and try for a suicide as it won’t let you lose unreliable gold.
  • Also, the talents of Mana Regeneration & Armour are added as a bonus, which won’t result them on being applied to the Illusions.
  • Generally, Building an Aghanim’s on a Pudge works wonders as it gives an amazing boot to his dismember adding it lifesteal as well
  • Stopping hooks midway is essential, gives an animation cancel to it & creates a fear of being hooked in an opponent’s mind like Dendi’s Pudge! (This action can be executed by pressing the key aligned for the action ‘Stop’ immediately after casting a hook in a direction).

Dendi Pudge

When a situation arises,Dota 2 Pudge can carry a team with the right item build. Mastery of the Butcher, would let you have fun & win games at the same time. Perfecting Dota 2 Pudge, Practice him and eventually you’d learn the Art of Butchery. As the Dota 2 Pudge says,

“Its Butcher Time !”

Keep Gaming and Stay Limitless !