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Dota 2 Invoker Guide 7.06

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Dota 2 Invoker Guide 7.06

Invoker, known by many names, regarded by many with awe, fear and respect alike, known for his vast intellect and namesake himself to be the ingenious Arch Mage! INVOKER, also known to some by the name Kael– The Blood Elf (As His Warcraft Lore Goes) or Carl. Dota 2 Invoker is undoubtedly acknowledged by heroes and humans for his destructive ability to turn a gank by his mere memorised spells. So learn How To Play Invoker with  Our Dota 2 Invoker Guide.

To many, he is ignorant, but knowing his powers, it is better for a fierce mage such as the Dota 2 Invoker to be on the friendly side; a very few have lived to tell the tale of not being wrecked by an Invoker in our world. Invoker is a magician, an Arsenal Magus, a “Quasi-Immortal” of the higher order: he is an ancient being, possibly immortal due to once, possessing the knowledge of ‘Sempiternal Cantrap’ or simply the ‘Eternal Charm’ which let him live a hundred years and many more to come.

With a knowledge of being able to summon elements of Fire, Storm and Ice, our Dota 2 Invoker Guide will help you unleash destruction on the battlefield.

Hero Analysis:

Dota 2 Invoker is a hero fit for any role: Initiator, Carry, Pusher or even a Support at times. As his team wants him to be, Invoker can use a vast array of spells to disable, damage or slowing down opponents. Dota 2 Invoker’s three basic elements are Exort, Wex and Quas and another ability known as Invoke; a resulting combination of three elements, in any order (three at a time) and invoking the elements to get greater spells at one’s disposal. His elements provide him with a passive bonus and skilling those increase the effect of it. Only Two spells out of Ten can be remembered at any given point of time with a respective cooldown of their own.

Every spell has its own unique effect on opponents and a combination of a few spells together in perfect synchronisation is enough to take down enemies entirely on one’s own.(Hinting towards a few combos *winks* )
Also, in accordance with the new Dota 2 Patch 7.00, Dota 2 Invoker Guide has a few talents to add to all the charm
He is highly agile and mobile, quick at taking down heroes and when combined with good fellows in a team, he’s just unstoppable, A Personal Favourite.

A late game Invoker, transitioning from a decent early game is the icing on the cake! With everything possible to win a game at one’s disposal, in my opinion on of the best heroes IceFrog ever thought of creating; from a 27 Spells Mage to a 10 Spelled Arch Mage, it is effective!


Quas: Allows manipulation of Ice elements. Each Quas instance provides increased health regeneration.
Wex: Allows manipulation of Storm elements. Each Wex instance provides increased attack speed and movement speed.
Exort: Allows manipulation of Fire elements. Each Exort instance provides increased attack damage.
Invoke: Combines the properties of the elements currently being manipulated to create a new spell for Invoker to use.


Invoker Spell Guide

Cold Snap: Three Instances of Quas Element
Ghost Walk: Two instances of Quas Element & One Instance of Wex Element
Ice Wall: Two instances of Quas Element & Once Instance of Exort Element

EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse): Three Instances of Wex Element
Tornado: Two instances of Wex Element & One Instance of Quas Element
Alacrity: Two instances of Wex Element & Once Instance of Exort Element

Sunstrike: Three Instances of Exort Element
Forged Spirits: Two instances of Exort Element & One Instance of Quas Element
Chaos Meteor: Two instances of Exort Element & One Instance of Wex Element

Deafening Blast: One instance of Quas Element, One instance of Wex Element, One instance of Exort Element

Talent Tree:

In this Dota 2 Invoker Guide, we cover the interesting talent tree. Invoker gets all his abilities from the previous patches as his talents:

  • His Level 10 talent gives him a boost, with a choice of increase stats in health or some right-click damage.
  • Level 15 talent gives out a choice of an ability upgrade (Adding another spirit as found in the patches before 7.00) or a 30% Increase in Experience gain.
  • At Level 20 talent gives a choice of Increased Attack speed or an Additional Stats.
  • The Level 25 talent, (Perhaps the most interesting and gaming changing talent present in the game) gives a choice of an Upgraded AoE Deafening Blast or a Reduced Cooldown on the Tornado by 18 seconds!
Talent Tree
-18s Tornado Cooldown 25 AoE Deafening Blast
+35 Attack Speed 20 +7 All Stats
+30% XP Gain 15 +1 Forged Spirit Summoned
+125 Health 10 +15 Damage




Here comes the interesting part. How to really Play this hero? No, it’s not that difficult. Just note a few important things like spells and using them at the right time. It’s guiding you through some combos of spells which are quite famous and easy to use after alot of practice !

Invoker Dota 2 Guide

The Eul’s Scepter Invoker:

This is probably the easiest of all combos of the Dota 2 Invoker Guide. One needs to just farm an early Eul’s Scepter of Divinity with majority of skill points put up for Exort with just one Wex and one Quas element skilled. You need to cast Euls on an opponent and just before he’s about to touch the ground. Then, Sunstrike the location, throw a Chaos Meteor and Deafening Blast in the direction which you are facing for the opponent to take max damage.

The most important part is to land the Sunstrike. There is supposedly is a 2.3 sec delay to fall on the ground when someone is lifted by the Eul’s Scepter. It is roughly three rotations in the air. So, try placing the sunstrike just after the first round is complete as there is a bit of delay of 1.7 sec for it to land on).This combo is really useful for solo kills and as sunstrike is really effective in early stages of the game. A Nuker Combo, works well against everyone as such or for eliminating supports.

Combo= Eul’s + Sunstrike + Meteor + Deafening Blast

The 4-1-4 Invoker:

This Build has now changed to picking up the +1 Forge Spirit Talent at Level 15. A pusher type Dota 2 Invoker Guide, usually useful when one needs an early end to the game or there is no pusher in the team. This Dota 2 Invoker Guide previously utilised his skills points in skilling Four Exort, One Wex & Four Quas(try levelling up Exort before Quas as it gives good base damage too).

Find any opponent, Invoke the Spirit, Cold Snap him and finish him off with a Sunstrike. If the opponent is really mobile or there are more than on targets then invoke an Ice Wall. This would give one enough time to finish of an opponent as forged spirits reduce the base armour with every hit.  Also, Necronomicon is highly recommended with this build as it helps in pushing faster and putting a lot of damage on even a tanky opponent.

Combo= Forge Spirits + Cold Snap + Ice Wall/Sunstrike (Depends on the situation)

The Quas – Wex Invoker:

Yes, you read that right. Just Quas and Wex elements. Wondering how would an invoker without base element Exort which gives such high damage to one’s right-clicks function? Here’s the thing, this combo is high appreciated to disable an opponent and drain his mana too, sounds cool? An Orchid of Malevolence is required for this combo to work effectively.

The Orchid of Malevolence can later be upgraded to a Bloodthorn. Also and Urn of Shadows is recommended to help the Cold Snap effect linger on to the opponent and increase mini stuns. Quad Wex Invoker is a really useful build when you have a team with high damage output. Cold Snap an opponent, place the EMP and finish off with a Tornado in style or vice versa. (To help cover distance faster, one can make use of Ghost Walk to run around and slow opponents at the same time)
Combo= Cold Snap + EMP + Tornado


Combo= EMP + Tornado + Cold Snap (If the opponent has an escape ability)

The Classic Combo:

The best of all, a personal favourite too, this combo involves lifting your opponents in the air with Tornado, dropping down Chaos Meteor  and then the Blast of Disability. Sounds and looks graceful, truly. Once the Aghanim Scepter is completed, you can add more spells to this combo such as the EMP, Ice Wall or Sunstrike. Skilling an AOE blast is highly recommended as it just gives one an edge and pairing this combo with a Refresher Orb is like Cherry on the Pie. Truly a Combo worthy of the late game, destroys opponents if executed right.
Combo= Tornado + EMP + Chaos Meteor + Deafening Blast +Ice wall or Sunstrike (Can be paired up with a Refresher Orb and a repeat of spells except for the Tornado in the same order)

Dota 2 Invoker Tips:

  • It is essential that you play and respect others who are playing alongside, No One likes to be disrespected.
  • Making a Hand of Midas on Invoker is really useful as it provides a lot of Exp and Gold Boost.
  • Play according to a type of team you’ve got. Learn which type of Invoker would be effective against what opponents (Comes with experience).
  • Ganking is really important, people should fear the Invoker!
  • Rushing an Aghanim’s in the Patch 7.04 works wonders as the base invoke cooldown is 6 seconds. This is reduced to 2 seconds after obtaining an Aghanim’s.
  • Sunstrike has pure damage. It’s damage is divided by the number of targets present in its Cast AoE.
  • Never sell a Midas unless you have to. There is a BAG PACK now on every hero to store essentially 3 more items.

Knowing Kael and using his abilities to the best, a game can be turned at any moment, one gank and it is in your favour.
So, Invoke the mage inside you and win it for your ancient one, my friends.

“And So Begins The Age of Knowledge”

Good Luck Have Fun!

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