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Real Success Stories Of Young Entrepreneurs In India

Successful Entrepreneurs Stories In today’s volatile world, the only thing that is constant is cut-throat competition. With a world population of 7.6 billion, all of them competing to ace in the race of success, there are two kinds of people: leaders and followers. The followers go along with the bandwagon, unlike the leaders who carve their own path, map their own road and embark on a journey of success. There are a plethora of resources like widespread internet availability and [...]

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Social and Emotional Learning – Making Intellectual Learning Count

What Is Social and Emotional Learning? Have you ever pondered over memories of old school days? Take a moment to think of a teacher you vividly remember. The name that may have popped up would surely be the one you loved or detested the most! Both, very strong emotions! Thus, the discussion on Social and Emotional Learning. Most of the long-lasting memories are etched in our minds because of a strong emotion attached to them. Our sentiment attached to the [...]

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Aarti Kelshikar is an inter-cultural consultant and coach with over fifteen years of work experience, including nine in Singapore and the Philippines.

She is a certified facilitator of Cultural Intelligence (CQ) from the Cultural Intelligence Center in the US.

She is also a certified executive coach from the international Neuro Leadership group.

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